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"They're singing Cyber Monday Sales!"

Testing.... Testing...... Is it finally an appropriate time to start talking about Christmas?!?! Are we sure? Ok! We are in full Christmas swing at the Thomas household. My dear husband has pulled out the ladder and my lights are up on the roof. Yay! Does anyone else think about if the life insurance policy is up to date, when their husband's are up the ladder? No? Just me?

Anyway, the tree is out of the box, decorated, and I've sung, "All I want for Christmas" at least a million times. I have tried alcoholic eggnog for the first time and powered through it without so much of a grimace. And I have successfully made it through Thanksgiving without calling my mother a million times, because I forgot what "basting a turkey" means. Christmas is definitely here, baby!

A few exciting things are going on this month but, first things first, I am having a HUGE sale for Cyber Monday! So now is the perfect time to buy, not only your Christmas cards, but other cards you will need in the upcoming year! Starting at 12:01am EST Monday 11/28/22, the code FREESHIP with save you the $15 shipping cost on all orders over $125. Orders over $175 will receive free shipping as well as 10% off with the code FREESHIP10. The sale will end at 11:59 on Wednesday 11/30/22. If you are anything like me, I don't check my email everyday, so I am always super appreciative when sales are offered for more than one day. I'm so excited to participate in my first Cyber Monday sale! I hope to be able to offer better and better deals as my business continues to grow.

If you are looking specifically for religious Christmas cards, they are under the religious tab in the shop section. Winter themed Christmas cards are under the Winter tab. All other Christmas cards are under the Christmas tab. All of the cards are stamped inside and I have provided a picture of what is in each card when you click on the card image. Thank you so much for sticking with CCC, and I wish you and your families the happiest of holidays!


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