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October 2021 Newsletter

Conceive. Craft. Create.

Greeting Cards for All Occasions

Trick or Treat!

By: Stephanie Thomas

Halloween 2021 is in full swing in the Thomas household! The decorations are up, the costumes have arrived, and the candy has been rebought after mysteriously going missing in the wee morning hours. Most of my days are filled with completing my fall orders, as well as producing more cards. I have realized since starting CCC that deadlines work for me. A little like college. As a visual person and recovering procrastinator, I have my calendar on my desk (usually covered in whatever project I’m working on), and I write everything down. I would like to push my inability to remember things on having kids, but it has always been this way. If I don’t write it down, it won’t get done. I have also learned to rely on my village. When I have a business question, my first phone call is always my mom because she’s a genius, followed up by my business mentor. For my design and recent endeavor of staging cards, I call on my closest friends. Sometimes showing up at their houses with a bottle of wine, tons of cards, and my camera to find just the right lighting and angle. Use your village. I’m grateful for mine and guarantee that you will be too.



Thanksgiving/Fall Cards

I will begin advertising my Fall/Thanksgiving cards on November 1st. There will also be some changes on my website as I start advertising my cards in groups of fives instead of tens. Christmas cards already uploaded will remain in groups of tens but I will add some additional groups of fives as well.

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