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November 2021 Newsletter

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Greeting Cards for All Occasions

My family has a lot to be thankful for this year. We moved across the country, have resettled in our new routine, and have made an amazing community of friends in our new location. These past two years have been hard for everyone. I am so grateful to have the encouragements, friendships, and relationship that I have. This is what I want to offer you this holiday season. Gratefulness! You have persevered through another year. Life may not look the same as it did two years ago and you are probably not the same person you were back then. We've learn to adapt, adjust, and become steadfast. Maybe you picked up a new craft, found a new job, started your own business, or moved on to a different business. Change has happened and while change is uncomfortable and downright scary sometimes, change is necessary in the continuation on this journey we call life. So I congratulate you. Well done! And give thanks this holiday seasons. #Thankfulness


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