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March into Spring!

Hi Conceivers,

Did February fly by or was it just me? I have been working so diligently on getting my Easter card selection together for you guys and I am super excited! For those of you who follow me on social media, you know that my life is nothing short of BUSY, however I have been training myself to sit down, even in the chaos, and crack on. As promised in my last newsletter, there are an assortment of Easter cards this year, some super cute Easter bunnies and chicks and some focused on Jesus's resurrection. There are a lot of card bundles which multiples can be ordered and then some bundles where there may be only one or two sets. I have also made individual Easter cards as well. Make sure you read the description of the item before making your purchases to confirm that you are receiving exactly what you want!

I will be visiting back home (Maryland) at the end of March until early April! For those who order from me in MD, I am more than willing to bring all orders on the flight to save you the shipping cost. You will have until March 20th to order them for "free shipping"! For everyone else, since I will be in an entire different state, you also have until March 20th to order as I will not be able to package orders after the 20th. The free shipping code is FLYBYHOME23. For my AZ based customers, the local pickup option will still be available to use as I will be in Tucson on March 18th. I can meet up then at no shipping cost to you as well. Also don't forget to shop in the other sections of my shop especially for my scrapbooking friends. The embellishment and scrapbook page sections are overflowing with items and now is the best time to purchase!

Ok now the moment everyone has been waiting for. Here are SOME of the cards, otherwise this newsletter would be incredibly long:

And there are many more to choose from. Don't forget to submit orders by March 20th and to use the code, FLYBYHOME23 for free shipping! I will continue to send out a monthly newsletter with updates of what's going on with CCC for the upcoming months but I uploaded everyday on social media. If you want to see my latest creations, watch me make cards, pages, or t-shirts you can follow me on Instagram, on Facebook, and on YouTube or just search Conceive Craft Create on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram and my pages should pop right up! Make sure to look for the yellow heart logo to know that you are in the right place. This will keep you up to date on all of the things I create throughout the month. Please make sure to leave a like and follow to see all of my content. Thanks!


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