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Love is in the Air!

It's February! Well, it's almost mid February but hey, life happens. One day I will get these newsletters out at the first of the month. February has been, well at this point, the same as every other month. One day the chaos will fade. But that day is not today, this week, this month, or this year in my family! Anywho, CCC is doing great but is behind! I have been creating, but uploading to my website has been a different monster entirely (i.e this newsletter). But I am finally up to date!

Ok, with the excuses out of the way, what have I actually been up to? Well, I've made all of these things:

And then I made all of these things:

So now that I've bragged enough to feel better about my lack of communication, I can now honestly say I didn't make many Valentine's Day cards this year. In all honesty, the holiday completely escaped my radar, until my husband asked me this morning what I wanted to do for it. And just like that, I was hit over the head with the fact that I had made zero Valentine's Day cards. Well, there is always next year!

Anywho, I am cognizant of Easter coming up and in light of that fact, I have news! I will be visiting back home (Maryland) at the end of March until early April! For those who order from me in MD, I am more than willing to bring all orders on the flight to save you the shipping cost! Shipping is literally out of control right now. This is my first notice (since I actually haven't started making them yet) but I will follow up right on March 1st (or at least within that week) of the cards designs I made. They will be in bundle format but I will also have some singles as well. You will have until March 20th to order them for "free shipping"! I will link a code for free shipping in the March newsletter. For everyone else, since I will be in an entire different state, you also have until March 20th to order as I will not be able to package orders after the 20th. I am super excited and so ready to see you guys!

I will continue to send out a monthly newsletter with updates of what's going on with CCC for the upcoming months but I uploaded everyday on social media. If you want to see my latest creations, watch me make cards, pages, or t-shirts you can follow me on Instagram, on Facebook, and on YouTube or just search Conceive Craft Create on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram and my pages should pop right up! Make sure to look for the yellow heart logo to know that you are in the right place. This will keep you up to date on all of the things I create throughout the month. Please make sure to leave a like and follow to see all of my content! Thanks!


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