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Hello Fall!

It's almost that time of the year again! While I normally run head first into Christmas, I wanted to take some time to appreciate the month of being thankful. Arizona has started to experience its first bite of chilly weather and I reminded again that Autumn is truly my favorite season. On the east coast, where I am from originally, I would have my chunkiest scarf, a peacoat, and knee high boots on. The "basic" part of my life would take over and I'd be headed off to pick up my favorite signature drink form Starbucks. Most days in AZ, it quickly warms up after a chilly morning, and all I can think is, "Who in their right mind would wear a chunky scarf in 80 degree weather?" Not to make my east coast peeps jealous, but I definitely wore shorts yesterday and there were no PSL's to be had.

But what I love about November, is that it starts to signify to me that the year is coming to a close. My countdowns for Thanksgiving, birthdays (December baby, woot woot!), Christmas, and New Years start. I make lists, spend a bunch of time (and money!) shopping, and my house is normally in some type of transitional faze. Halloween stuff is coming down (I'm looking at you second week of November), harvest stuff is going up, and by the end of the month, the Christmas stuff will make it's grand entrance. For Conceive. Craft. Create. this year, I've heavily focused my cards around the idea of what the change of the season's mean to me. There are lots of traditional reds, oranges, and browns, but I've also thrown in some grays, blues, and even a little pink. Out here in the mountains of AZ, we don't have many trees, and those we do have, don't do the typical leaf changing that I am used to seeing. However, there is beauty out here in these brown/gray mountains and I'm hoping that I portrayed that a bit in my cards. I have also included a photo of the sentiment that is stamped inside of each card as well, that way you know exactly what you are ordering.

Even though I am across the country from my family, I am thankful for the time I have to explore places that are different from my home. I am thankful to bring my children along for this crazy life and frequent moves. They have made some great friendships and are off to make even more. I am thankful that I am able to do things I love with the 1000% support of my husband. He looks at every design that I shove into his face, offers constructive feedback, loads and unloads my truck at every vendor event, makes sure I have everything I need, makes a u-turn and goes back when I don't, brings snacks and coffee because I forgot to eat, and so much more. So Crafty Creator, I charge you with taking the time to think of all the people you are thankful for, and while you are thinking of it, why not send them a CCC card to show them how much you care? I know I will. Happy Fall!


P.S. For orders of 10 cards or more in the Thanksgiving/Fall collection, there is a 10% discount with code NOV10. Happy shopping!

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